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This morning Colleen turned to me and said something to the effect of "It's our anniversary. Forty-three years and we ain't killed each other yet." She added that "it's been close a couple of times", and I can't argue with that.

Here's to another forty-three, love. a bunch of    flowers with the words 'for you'

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Somehow I seem to have forgotten to post this on the day, but:

As of Wednesday, Colleen and I have been married for 42 years.

We celebrated last night by going out to Toby's (nice neighborhood bar in Coupeville) with Naomi.

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As of noonish today (I forget the exact time), Colleen and I will have been married for 37 years. She's fond of adding "... and we haven't killed each other yet!"

Happy anniversary, Love.

33 1/3

2009-02-11 12:01 pm
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It's a nice, cool, rainy day out; fortunately I got a short walk in this morning. But it gives me an excuse to spend lunchtime at my desk and update my LJ...

... which is important, because exactly 33 1/3 years ago I accepted Colleen's proposal of marriage.

I've done a lot of things I've regretted over the last four decades, but that has never been one of them.

Happy anniversary, Love!

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First of all, a Happy Anniversary to the lovely [ profile] flower_cat, my wife of thirty one years as of today at 1pm. She keeps saying "I ain't killed him yet," so I guess I made it through another year. It was touch and go last night, I suspect -- I was in the office hacking when I should have been in bed snuggling. Oops.

Secondly, happy Perihelion!

Thirdly, happy Tolkien's Birthday!

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Did I mention that Tuesday was our 30th anniversary? The kids told us to go out and have fun, so we ate steak, shrimp, and ribs at Tony Roma's and then went out for a drive. Nice.

The Y.D. finally got her science project "finished" -- she has no enthusiasm for it, not even any interest in it, so it's a half-assed job that might get her a C- if she's lucky. Count it as one of my abject failures -- I should have pushed harder during the vacation rather than waiting for her to tell me what she needed. Bah!

In other news, we have a schedule for the new bathtub -- a week from today. My Mom is coming out for a weekend visit next Friday; scheduling is tight, but I think we'll at least have a working tub, if not a fresh paint job. The [ profile] flower_cat is looking forward to a proper bath. I need to remember to put up the shower curtain in the front bathroom.

We've booked a family suite at a bed-and-breakfast in Carmel for the Saturday and Sunday nights of Mom's visit. She'll be leaving at some insane hour of the morning on Tuesday.

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... to me and my [ profile] flower_cat!!!!

Let's try for another 30!

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