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It looks like the basic idea works, but I was using slashes as the delimiter for the sed command that puts the post url into the archived post. Since the url contains slashes, that failed.

mdlbear: the positively imaginary half of a cubic mandelbrot set (Default)

This is a test: (The results will be posted in a comment)

### this prints out the URL of the last post you made today:
    wget -q -O -$(date +%Y/%m/%d/)  \
       | grep 'class="entry-title"' | tail -1                    \
       | sed -E 's/^<[^>]*><[^>]*href="([^"]*)".*$/\1/'

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Yesterday morning was spent signing CDs and stuffing envelopes in preparation for the Casa de Chaos Bash. Even so, I missed a couple of people: I should have had the sense to just load the entire box of envelopes into the car, and number disks as needed. (Note: remember this for the next one!)

Finally left about 9:30 and got home to find a slightly upset [ profile] flower_cat, who had misconstrued a remark I made as she left to mean that I was following almost immediately. Sorry about that, Love! I'll try to be more explicit next time. Some good conversations. My apologies to the folks whose disks I forgot to bring -- I'll have them in the mail tomorrow.

The schedule for tomorrow morning looks a little tight:

  • 8:30 Doctor. I was able to snag an appointment with my own doctor on short notice: mainly to discuss my shoulder pain, but he did want to be told when my CD was ready...
  • 9ish Post office. A handful of disks for people who I don't expect to see Wednesday or at ConChord, plus the all-important shipment to CD Baby.
  • 10:00 Work: group meeting (rescheduled from today at 2pm).
  • 12:00 Walkies. I haven't had a proper walk since Saturday morning.

I might actually get some work done in the afternoon. And I need to stop at Staples on the way home and get some "Fragile" stickers and lables the right size for return addresses, and eventually practice for my concert at ConChord. Which is looking like sometime around mid-day on Sunday.

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