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I don't really expect that many Tumblr refugees will see this post, even with the tag, but I know there's at least one person already on my reading list who cross-posts from there, so there may be a few. There may be some G+ refugees, too. In reality, all I'm doing is taking advantage of the occasion to post a few links. Hopefully more than just a handful of my readers will find them interesting.

Let's start with the useful stuff. (People who have been on DW long enough to remember the Livejournal exodus will probably want to skip ahead to the fascinating stuff.)

We can start with the DW community [community profile] post_tumblr_fandom and ilyena_sylph's About tumblr and DW, mostly news post answers. Good overviews. Another great summary is staranise | Basic Dreamwidth for Tumblr users. (Which comes by way of umadoshi | More using/getting-to-know-Dreamwidth, fandom-migration, and WTF-Tumblr links.)

That's probably enough to get most people started. On my personal reading list, the posts I've seen lately are:


Okay, now the fascinating stuff. Watch out for rabbit holes.

Let's start with jesse_the_k's post, Remember when Fandom Spec'ed Pinboard?. Well, no, I don't -- I wasn't using Delicious at the time. But apparently a lot of fans were, so when the site's owners (Yahoo) made some "improvements" like disallowing several punctuation characters in tags (in particular, "/" -- just try tagging fanfic without slash), there was a mass exodus to Pinboard.

Jesse links to Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal, which tells the whole story very entertainingly. It's a transcript of a talk given at dConstruct 2013 by Maciej Cegłowski. The talk included a reading from this hilarious bit of fanfic and, more relevant to our current topic, this amazing collaborative Google doc which is a list of features (with votes and use cases) that fans wanted for Pinboard.

So, finally getting back to Tumblr, (remember Tumblr? this is a post about Tumblr) here's the Tumblr-inspired version of the Pinboard spec: Fandom platform of the future - specs and features, on Google Docs.

How much of that gets into Pinboard, Dreamwidth, AO3, or anything else is anybody's guess. But fen are amazing, and anything can happen when you dive down a rabbit hole.

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Two very different, very well-written comments on the Readercon mess. catsittingstill | Readercon and stray dogs pocketnaomi: Readercon and me ETA: Readercon: Public Statement
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As my daughter and marketing manager [ profile] chaoswolf mentioned over in [ profile] mdlbear_albums, we're looking for fan art. It doesn't necessarily have to go with the new CD, Amethyst Rose, which I'm finally getting back to work on after about a year of waffling and two years of overload. But it would be nice.

I'd also be interested in fan videos based on any of my songs. If there's one you'd like to use that I haven't recorded, let me know.

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Here's how to get the Landmark experience safely, for about a tenth the price:

  1. Go to a science fiction convention - Worldcon will do
  2. Go to as many panels and concerts as possible
  3. Stay up 'til all hours filking and having fantastic conversations
  4. Get through the entire weekend on 4 hours' sleep every night and subsist on munchies from the con suite
  5. Finish it up with fantastic, mind-blowing sex just before dinner on Sunday
  6. Go out on Monday and invite three of your friends to come to your house
  7. Have a disastrous drunken party Tuesday night where you browbeat your friends into sending in their membership to next year's Worldcon
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LJ seems to be deleting journals and communities based on the presence of trigger words in their interests lists; for the most part these are fanfic, but the set also includes survivors of child abuse (that being one of the triggers).

To show Six Apart how many of their users are fans, the [ profile] fandom_counts community has been started. You can join it here. Then post a pointer to alert the rest of your flist. I first got it from [ profile] filkertom.

Sometime later tonight I'll post about what I think can be done. Hint -- it does not depend on persuading 6A to change their policies, nor on finding a friendlier provider.

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Reviewing some of the comments on my last post it occurred to me that, for many Christian science-fiction fans, fandom was almost certainly their first encounter with religious prejudice directed against them. And the present backlash against the excesses of the Religious Right, feeble though it is, represents the first time that I can remember public criticism of any sort being directed against Christians in the US (at least of the Protestant variety -- when I was growing up, Catholics were regarded in some parts of the country with almost as much suspicion as Jews).

I'm going to resist a number of temptations here, all of which seem likely to lead me into a swamp of bad memories and worse writing, and just drop the subject for now.

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This song by the lovely, talented, and demented [ profile] cadhla puts a whole new spin on the old words, "See you in Hell!"

Go read it.

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