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This is coming out on a Monday rather than Sunday because I spent the weekend at Conflikt, our local filk music convention. I'm usually too lazy to do a formal con report, and this lets me collect all the notes in one place that's easy to find .

Meta: rather than create tags like conflikt-2019, I use the two tags conflikt and 2019. This only works if the year tag is only used for events that occur annually. Using the same tag for every post in a year would be pretty useless. DW doesn't appear to give you boolean searches, but I can do it in my archive.

I didn't have a concert slot this year, and didn't feel up to a twofer, so my own music-making was confined to a little noodling in the hallways and a couple of songs on Sunday. One of those was following Frank Hayes's "When I Was a Boy" with my parody of it; that was a major win. Ad-libbed a reference to RFC-1149, and "talk about spaghetti code" after the line about plugboards. But, yeah; not enough singing. Not enough conversation, either.

I think my favorite concert was Lauren Cox's Interfilk Guest concert; her song about her cat made me tear up a little. That, and her joining Cat Faber on "I Will Remember" (about depression) on Sunday.

I got in my request for a concert slot next year; we'll see how far that goes.

The week also included a total lunar eclipse -- I didn't stay outside for the whole thing, but got a good look just at the start of totality.

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So, last weekend was Westercon. It was the first we'd been to for a while -- Portland is close enough to drive to in less than 3 hours, so we were able to do it without my having to take any time off.

My concert Saturday evening went ok: Bigger on the Inside, The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of, Millennium's Dawn, Riverheart, The Toolmakers, The Bears (A Talk With the Middle-Sized Bear, A Tribute to the Middle-Aged Bear), The Travelers (Where the Heart Is, Windward), Rambling Silver Rose, QV, Ship of Stone.

There were a couple of flubs, but nothing serious -- not bad for next to no prep, but I'll have to get more serious about practicing. I had taken Plink, the little Vagabond travel guitar; that was almost certainly the right choice. Though I think the battery was dead; we ended up micing it for the concert, which got me off to a bit of a late start. Putting my phone, in clock mode, on the music stand turned out to work very well.

I didn't go to any panels -- just hung out in the filk room or the lobby with my laptop. (I'd also brought my work laptop, but never used it.) As usual, I enjoyed it more than I expected to beforehand: I've learned the hard way that it's better -- and I'm less likely -- to regret having done something than to regret not having done it. (Does that construction make sense? Probably, though it's less clear than I'd like.)

Great conversations over dinner with [personal profile] alatefeline on Saturday (or was that Sunday lunch?), and Roy and Joan Sunday. On the whole a good, fairly relaxed con.

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At Sasquan

2015-08-21 07:16 am
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We arrived at Sasquan, or rather at our hotel, around 3:30pm. after having left at 10:15, only 15 minutes behind schedule. Not too bad a drive; would probably have been close to the 4 hours Google said it would be if we hadn't run into bad traffic in Seattle and road work in the middle of nowhere.

Several good conversations.

My only program item is my half-hour concert today (Friday) at 2:30pm. I'll be doing mostly songs from the album I need to get (re)started on Real Soon Now(TM), Amethyst Rose.

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It's been a * l o n g * week, bracketed by cons. Last Saturday we day-tripped Rustycon (and decided that we probably won't bother next year -- it's small. This weekend was Conflikt. Which we will *definitely* be attending next year, but probably without the YD. She went this time because she was writing a term paper on it, but it didn't really seem to be her thing.

Last Sunday we put an offer down on the West Seattle house. It was down to the wire -- when we got there after having seen two places that were obviously unsuitable, we found that they were having an open house and had already received two offers. We offered $10K over the asking price. Monday was a nail-biter, but we got it! It's gorgeous. A full 2-bedroom apartment downstairs in the daylight basement, plus a 4-car garage on that level. Three bedrooms upstairs. And a great hall on top of the garage. I forsee parties, house filks, and house concerts in our future.

Needless to say, my work productivity suffered, as I spent far too much of my time on the phone or tracking down paperwork. The loan paperwork finally all came together at 4:45 on Friday, about the same time I got my functional tests running and marked "ready for QA".

Did I mention the lack of sleep? Mostly due to waking up at unreasonable hours with house worries. So we went into Conflikt already sleep-deprived.

I may have to leave most of Conflikt until later, but the music was fantastic and the Interfilk auction was one of the must entertaining in years. Even if I did end up winning a $100 bid to give the horrid wall-hangings, Harry and Henrietta Hemp, to Seanan. Who said she'd burn them in the parking lot. (The deal with the Hemps is that the winning bidder gets to say who they go to, and somebody had fingered us as people who hadn't had it yet.)

Health. We both had follow-up appointments with our PCP, Dr. Chopra, Saturday morning. Colleen had a dentist appointment Wednesday morning, I had an appointment with the sports medicine department Thursday morning. I got my SSRI dosage raised, and was told that my assorted joint, etc. problems would be solved if I lost (rather a lot of) weight. Thanks; I knew that.

I'd probably better go splat now (10:51 pm). Before I fall asleep at the keyboard. Again.

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Mostly not such a good day? Something like that. Not terribly productive, no walk (it was raining), and some bad news. I wasn't particularly depressed, mind you; just somewhat down.

I got a call from the person at the bank who had called me a couple of weeks ago suggesting that I could get a better rate by applying for a new equity line of credit. The appraisal came in -- about $40K under the last one. So... no. Another $42K and the place will be underwater. So much for that.

And Mom called to say that Tom, one of her dearest and closest friends, had died. He'd been in declining health for several years, but still...

So... not a good day, on the whole. I did book my hotel room for Norwescon, and buy a membership. So that's ok.

And it's Valentine's Day. Or Lupercalia, which some people apparently call Horny Werewolf Day, if you prefer. Here's wishing you love and joy for the year ahead.

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A pretty good day, but occasionally painful without even the compensation of a walk or bike ride. It started with the standing, bending and lifting involved in doing the dishes and putting away the groceries, and ended with overusing some arm muscles manhandling a gig bag made way too heavy with songbooks and a music stand.

In between I mostly hung out at the Ugglas' house, which they're moving out of next week, hanging out and helping pack, mostly by handing things to people. It was followed by one of their Rise Up Singing "songfests". A good day with friends, and worth the comparatively small price.

I came home to aspirin and a hot bath in the walk-in tub, which I can soak in up to my neck if I scrunch down into the footwell. The hot water triggered the same trembling that I get from a good backscratch or nestling down into Colleen's arms. So that's one more data point to triangulate from: simple physical pleasure. I'll figure it out one of these days.

The 2010 Pegasus Ballot is up online. I'm not on it, so I'll just be pushing for Ship of Stone in the classics category. That will make it even easier to trade my trip to OVFF for one or two trips to Seattle to rehearse for the Tempered Glass gig at Orycon. I'd like to do both, but there are these time and money things... (ETA: not to mention a friend's wedding that I really need to go to. So it will be good not to feel torn about it.)

A couple more links under the cut.

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A good day. Got involved in a couple of conversations on the way back from the art show and dealer's room, and ended up half an hour late to my panel on "how fandom is changing" (or maybe it was "how tech is changing fandom"). Fortunately there were 5 other panelists, so they were doing fine.

In the evening I fit in a little time in the filk room between conversations. Went out on QV, for [ profile] septemberlilac -- I pulled her and Colleen in from the hallway so I could do it in the room. I have been remiss about noting the songs I actually performed in circles.

I spent about 3 hours/day at home doing laundry; day-tripping would have been better, especially given the hotel's iffy connectivity and the restaurant's mediocre buffet breakfast. Next year. It also worked really well for Colleen to have Kaylee as a personal gofer; it's the only thing that made it possible for me to get to my scheduled programming. I didn't get to anything else.

I'm very worried about Westercon/ConChord.

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Didn't spend much time at all at the drama llama petting zoo Silicon this year. A panel on Saturday, dinner with the Cat, and Peter Beagle's concert in the evening. A quick turn around the dealer's room, which didn't take long. The kids gofered, and Colleen spent a couple of hours there today.

Very small con, and the hotel, once the local SF con hotel, sucks. We won't bother going next year, I don't think.

Didn't get much else done, though, beyond running errands, taking care of Colleen, and some writing, mostly working on a big river post on love and friendship. Music? Not nearly as much work as I intended.


2008-10-03 07:01 pm
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I didn't think I could get this drunk on one goddamned glass of gin.

The Cat is still seriously under the weather. I'm glad I went to work today (after an impromptu meeting I have considerably less to do for an impending demo). But she's doing a lot worse than she was this morning, and I don't like the look of it.

Meanwhile, the kids are off at Silicon. It seems I have one panel to give tomorrow afternoon, but apart from that I'm off the hook.

Mostly I'll be spending the weekend at home, taking care of my Cat and working on music and the Tres Gique website, which needs it. More precisely, I'll be working on our collaboration environment. More on that soon, I hope.

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Current plan is to fly to SeaTac for Conflikt on Thursday January 24th; I'll probably get in late afternoon. I'll look around for a rental car on Monday so I'll be relatively mobile. Probably head home on Wednesday the 30th unless somebody gives me a good reason to stay through Thursday. I'll be making my plane reservation sometime this week.

Besides the departure date, about the only other things that need deciding are what gear to take. First category is instruments: I need to decide whether to take Plink, my travel guitar, or Ruby, my usually gig guitar. I'm leaning toward Plink, since I'm flying, and she sounds really good plugged in through a direct box.

The other question is computer hardware. I'm leaning toward taking the Macbook Pro and (assuming it arrives when it's supposed to) the OLPC. I don't think I'm quite crazy enough to attempt the trip with nothing but the OLPC or even the OLPC, an external keyboard, and a massive USB hard drive. I might, however, take the OLPC instead of my songbook.

Added: Comments on this post would be a convenient place to discuss trip logistics.

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Here I am at Consonance, blogging from the audience listening to Dave Rood's Interfilk concert. The auction will come after that; I don't know at this point whether my preorder package will end up in voice. (update: it did; $150. The wenching is strong with this one...)

Our concert slot went pretty well. I say "our" because this was the world premier performance of the group "Très Gique" (feel free to correct my French if I got the accent wrong) -- me, [ profile] cflute, and Joyce Uggla. Some glitches and a lot of really rough transitions (dropped lyrics, mic fiddling, and problems deciding what to do next) but pretty good on the whole. We sounded good, at least in the monitors, and that's the important thing: some of those songs really came together. I always imagined "Demon Lover" and "Silk and Steel" with flute, and Callie's voice/whistle part on "High Barratry" was a honk.

Hopefully the recording came out OK. A lot of my being flustered and confused came from taking too long to set up the rig and then being on the wrong input device. Lost a lot of [ profile] cflute and [ profile] tibicina's concert as a result; hopefully I caught the last song at least. Pretty sure I did I did.
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The [ profile] flower_cat and [ profile] super_star_girl are already at the con, and [ profile] cflute, [ profile] jenkitty and [ profile] technoshaman are about ready to load out. I'm packed, with altogether too much stuff half of which I probably won't need. Including both travel-worthy guitars, Ruby and Plink. Business cards, pre-order receipts, and mini-fliers are printed, all on business card stock. Pre-order forms and party fliers have been printed. The Interfilk auction package has been assembled. I need to hit the bank, pick up the [ profile] chaoswolf, and go to the con!


2007-01-22 08:34 pm
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As a hacker-songwriter with a CD, recorded entirely with open-source software, coming out sometime in March or April, I'm starting to seriously consider Penguicon.

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Went to Silicon this afternoon after my walk and lunch; spent most of my time there in the dealers' room, and almost all of that at Peter Beagle's table. The fact that I was waiting for him to get back from a reading so he could sign the two books I bought there was only a minor part of a very enjoyable sequence of conversations and eavesdropped conversations.

Was persuaded by the cute proprietress of Queen of Caps to buy a raffle ticket, and amazingly enough it won (I think it was a very small field). I picked a purple cap with long, floppy ears that will go very well with my purple shirt. So now I have something to wear to Furcon, if I decide to go. She was doing a land-office business in caps.

Spent about another hour and a half (after the dealers' room closed at 3:00) talking to people in the hall by the coffeeshop. The [ profile] flower_cat and I decided that we probably don't need to go next year, though we may relent if someone we particularly want to see is on the schedule.

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